About Us

iSmart Alarm, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 on the principles of safety, beauty, and intelligence. They designed and developed the best smartphone-enabled home security and home control system, winning multiple App and design awards along the way, with high ratings from CNet, PC Mag, TechHome, SecurityGem, and others. The sleek, sophisticated system utilizes a free and simple smartphone and tablet app to put home security and home control in the palm of its users' hands. iSmartAlarm products are cool, simple to use, and affordable to everyone. iSmartAlarm protects your home intelligently.

*Please note - Descriptions and features are specific to the United States and Canada.  Please check with your local retailer for features and descriptions in your country.

No Monthly Fees, No Contracts

Easy Setup - No Toolbelt Required!

The iCamera KEEP - HD Streaming Video & Free Cloud Storage

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iSmartAlarm Protects Businesses Too!

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